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What you might want to know beforehand

The short version:
  • Clients, you must confirm your performance verbally or in writing (e-mail) no less than 24-hours prior to show time  - no exceptions.
  • No, you won't find rates on this page either. You'll need to submit the Request for Quotation Form, e-mail the Boss Clown with your event information or call the Clown House at 855.852.1718.
  • A deposit and contract is a sure sign of a smart, professional business person, so deposits and signed contracts are required for all in-home performances.
  • A quotation is NOT a confirmation.
  •  MACH does not book performances with less than 48-hours’ notice.

The long version:

Is there really a Clown House?
Yes, but it is not open to the general public. We come to your house or event location - you wouldn't want to come to ours. Too messy.

What are your hours of operation?
If the phone rings, during normal human hours (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM), it should be answered by Mary Thaxton. If Mary is not available, leave a name, number and the time of day that you called on the voicemail & Mary will be sent a text to call you back. Molly Anne's Clown House is available for performances Monday through Friday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Why do you not have pricing/rates on your website?
Each event is quoted on a case-by-case basis and is priced by the service(s) to be provided, travel, time, character & the event itself - birthday parties by head-count and corporate events by the hour. Sorry, MACH does not give out random quotes without adequate information so please consider completing the Quote form and/or calling 855.852.1718.

Do you give discounts?
No, our rates are firm, competitive and non-negotiable.

Do you do volunteer work?
Since this is not just fun but a livelihood as well, MACH has to be careful to balance income with public service. Specific charitable organizations (SPCA, Diabetes Foundation, etc.) are chosen on an annual basis, are served as needed and subject to schedule availability. We do perform for some non-profit organizations for a reduced rate.

Would you work an event for tips for a for-profit, corporate event?
The immediate answer is no.  For full-day events of more than four hours, we charge an hourly rate to the client and a tip jar is normally displayed as well.  A 50% non-refundable deposit and contract is required.  Alternatively, a travel stipend would be charged to the client and the guests of the client would be charged on a per face basis.  In all cases, if there is extended travel time of more than two hours from Charlotte, NC, overnight accommodations would need to be provided if the working hours extended beyond 6:00 PM.

Do you use Agents?
Molly Anne's Clown House is proud to be AGENT-FREE. When you contact the Clown House, you are speaking to the owner/artist and although sometimes you may encounter voicemail from time to time, the owner/artist will be booking your show. References are always given freely. We are glad to suggest other quality artists if there is a time constraint or budget issues, however, we are not a talent booking agency for other performers. Molly Anne's Clown House refers work but will not collect finder's fees, charge an agent's percentage or any other dues or unnecessary expenses at the cost of the customer or the artisan. We also do not refer work to other performers unless we have had the opportunity to work along side the artist for several shows and are certain that they deliver with the same caliber of professionalism and energy as the Clown House gives.

Do I need to send a deposit?
Molly Anne's Clown House works on a "first come - first serve" basis. Shows are booked well in advance when at all possible. Because shows are booked so far out, other requests for your time slot will be refused. Therefore, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due for ALL shows at the time of booking unless otherwise specified. Once you book a clown, we are yours to keep. All of our customers are honest people but unfortunately, several people over the past several years have bounced checks for services rendered by MACH. Also there has been an increase in last minute cancellations - one came one hour before show time. Collections, bank fees and attorneys...ick, no thank you!

When is payment due?
Unless otherwise specified, your balance is due at the conclusion of the show.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, call the Clown House for more information. Major credit cards, cash, cashier's check, money order or corporate check are accepted.  Molly Anne's Clown House has the right to refuse payment by personal or corporate check.

What is your return check policy?
If a banking institution returns a check unpaid, the Event Coordinator must pay cash, cashier's check or money order for the amount of the balance due plus a $35.00 fee to Molly Anne's Clown House within 48 hours of notification.  Any unpaid balance and/or checks will be referred to an attorney immediately for collection with additional $150.00 cost plus any and all legal fees incurred collecting said unpaid balance.

What is the difference between a quotation and a confirmation?
Quotation: When you contact Molly Anne's Clown House, Mary will check her schedule FIRST to see if she is available. At that time, she will let you know if she has any potential conflicts then she'll quote a competitive rate for her services. If you choose to delay your confirmation, you run the risk of loosing the time and date for a performance. MACH does not book performances with less than 48 hours notice.

Confirmation: If you agree to the rate and services quoted, Mary will begin the confirmation process including documenting all relevant show information and relaying addresses, phone numbers, deposit information & her cancellation policy. A contract will be provided for your signature. Performances are NOT confirmed without deposits as well as all show information, a signed contract & complete contact and billing information.

What about confirming my show?
All performances must be confirmed verbally and/or in written form (e-mail) between both parties no less than 24 hours of the performance or the contract will be null and void and the deposit will be retained by the performer.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my show?

Shows will not be canceled or rescheduled unless there is an emergency (accident, natural disaster, family death or severe illness). When a contract is issued, please refer to your contract for specifics. Once again, deposits are non-refundable. Rain dates can be confirmed but not reserved indefinitely. Rescheduled shows will be arranged quickly with more than 30 days notice but last minute cancelations (less than 30 days) may result in forfeiture of your deposit. If Molly Anne's Clown House is unable to perform for the rescheduled date for any reason, all reasonable effort will be made to find a substitute performer.  The deposit will be used to reserve another performer for the rescheduled event and the substitute performer will be of MACH's choosing unless otherwise specified. MACH cannot not assume responsibility for other performers, subsequent fees or their performance.  If a substitute cannot be found, your deposit is refunded in full. 

May I tip the performer?
Of course. By all means! Please! Your generosity keeps the lights on at the Clown House!

I want a special movie or television character for my party!
An event can be customized for whatever theme you may have but Molly Anne's Clown House does not provide "knock offs" or look-alikes and does not promote the use of any copyrighted characters (e.g.: princesses owned by a mouse who lives in Florida, sponge-characters, public television characters, etc.) as it is illegal to do so and artists can be sued for copyright infringement.

What kind of materials do you use?

MACH only uses face paint makeup. Not fabric, acrylic, craft, tempera or latex paints, magic markers, crayons or other markers that do not belong on the skin. Our paint is COMPLETELY safe. We use professional, FDA-approved, non-toxic face paint makeup from Mehron, Wolfe, TAG and Silly Farm. Our policy: if you can't turn it up and drink it (not that you'd want to), you shouldn't put it on a person's face. We don't paint sick children or over open wounds. We use cotton swabs and disposable sponges whenever possible. Brushes, towels, bottles, cups and containers are washed and sterilized regularly to assure a clean, healthy working environment for the artist and our customers. Our glitter tattoos are professionally manufactured and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or lotion. Our hair paint is commercially available through most party & theatrical supply shops & is easily removed with shampoo & water. It will not damage or permanently discolor hair.

Where do you get your other supplies?
Take a look at the Preferred Vendor's list on the Links & Friends page! If you'd like to learn more about clowning, the book list is great, too.

What are the best ingredients for a great birthday party?
  1) a birthday person(s)
  2) guests
  3) food
  4) decorations - you know, Molly's colors are primary (hint hint)
  5) about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes for the performance depending on the attendance & the performance
  6) an area like a den, living room, family room, shaded porch or patio clear of distractions such as TV or parents' conversations
  7) chairs and sofas are nice; a surface for face painting is also really cool but not necessary. We work on the floor just as easily as anywhere and we always bring a parachute to sit upon for the show and the one-on-one work (face painting, balloon animals, glitter tattoos, etc.)
  8) a clown's request: please schedule the entertainer's appearance before the children eat or drink anything. Sugar makes for short attention spans and LOTS of energy. They won't be in the mood to sit, we promise! We know!

How long should I plan for my birthday party?

A clown's advice: schedule two to two and a half hours for the party, especially if it is for children less than five years or so. There is such thing as over-stimulation and over-planning. The best parties (without a meal) start with the entertainer arriving 15 minutes after the party starts (no food, sugar or drinks - see item 8 above) allows for socialization & latecomers; 20-25 minutes for the Stage show; and cake, ice cream, goodies, other games and presents about 10 minutes after the one-on-one work (balloons, face painting, etc.) starts. Everyone gets turns in an orderly fashion, everyone gets attention and although it is a party atmosphere, there is still an opportunity to maintain control during the chaos AND visit with the adults!

Do you make 20-30 minute appearances?
No, it is not cost effective for the Clown House to make "quick appearances."  All shows are booked by the hour. 

What if my event is scheduled in a public place?
Acquire permission - if the event is scheduled for a public place, ask permission to have a performer. Sometimes another costumed character can cause a conflict of interest with a theme restaurant. McDonald's has Ronald. Nope. Sorry! Molly is not allowed but Peppermint is! Some restaurants, with permission from the management, will allow Molly to come and play in the private dining area. Please check with the store manager before booking the talent!

What if my child is scared of clowns?

Stranger fear is common for two to three year-olds and as with most situations, can usually be overcome with gentle reassurance from a parent or guardian and quiet re-exposure to the experience. There are those children who may have had a bad experience with other performers for some reason or another. Molly Anne the Clown is not an "in your face" type of clown. By allowing the frightened child to dictate what will and won't be allowed, the performer will not force their presence upon the youngster but will keep their head down, speak softly, reassure the insecurity and maintain a calm, shy persona until the youngster is comfortable. Tears are part and parcel to the fear - hold your child and ALWAYS offer them the option to leave the room if need be. Although never neglected or ostracized, the child will gingerly be included as a part of the event so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Often times, the one who is most uncertain at first ends up getting hugged and praised by the end of the party and is usually the one missed the most by the performer.

Do I need to feed the performer?

No, except water or unless specified in the contract agreement, please do not feed the performer. Elastic only goes so far!

The weatherman is calling for HEAT!!!

Heat is not so bad but the humidity is a killer. The performer and the children will need shade and lots and lots of water to drink. If Molly comes to visit in her regular costume, she is wearing SEVEN layers of clothing at her waist. It is at least 15-20 degrees hotter in her costume than it is outside and her skin is unable to breathe or sweat. More than an hour in the heat and/or direct sunlight and she is in danger of heat stroke. Since she does work alone, please do not hesitate to keep an eye out for her and put a glass of water in her hand anytime. Her mother thanks you very, very much.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a comprehensive general liability policy. There is a small fee for additional insureds (malls, hotels, etc.). Copies of our certification are available upon request.

Do you get tired of answering all these questions?

No, but are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

More questions?
Forward them on to the Clown House!

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